1. As at 03/02/2016 uploading a file - for payroll, group transfers/suppliers payments, or multiple payments – is allowed only in the specified XML Format (as per ISO 20022).

2. You can Upload and send your XML File to the Bank, through Bank of Cyprus Channels: 1bank or FTP (an older system for sending payroll files to the Bank which is gradually abandoned). Υου must not send your files through email.

3. Ιf your File is not in the specified XML Format, you can use the XML Conversion Tool to convert it.

4. Conversion is applicable only for Files which were acceptable by Bank of Cyprus for uploading - prior to 03/02/2016 - according to the previous format :

   • The acceptable formats for Payroll and Group Transfers were ΤΕΧΤ (txt) .

   • The acceptable formats for Multiple Payments were ΤΕΧΤ (txt) and XML (previous version than the one referred in ISO20022).

5. If your File Format for Payroll or Group Transfers is still the “Euro Autopay” (ex Laiki) TEXT format which might include account numbers instead of IBAN (either in debtor or creditors information), you can also use the Conversion Tool. However further to converting the File you need to replace all account numbers with IBAN prior to uploading your File.

6. Although you can use the converter, for your own convenience and compliance with ISO 20022, you are strongly advised to gradually ensure that your Files can be extracted by your accounting systems in the specified format.